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Blue Washed Wall

Empty Wall?

Enquire below to commission an art piece personal to you.

Each commissioned painting is tailored to compliment the clients personal style and living space.

Made for you.

I am currently taking on commissions for July/August.

Each commissioned painting is produced to compliment the clients personal style and living space.


Artwork should not only be beautiful but it should embody nostalgia, sentiment and emotion... all the good stuff that pulls you in and sweeps you away, even if only for a moment. 

Every commissioned artwork is created by both the client and the artist. The works I produce exist already in the clients mind, my job is to help bring them to life. 

If you are interested in working together to produce something for you home or workspace, you can contact me here. After completing the initial contact form, an online consultation can be arranged to discuss further details (in-person contact is currently limited due to COVID-19).


Please provide below contact details and a brief outline of your vision. 


Thank You! Message received.

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